There is nothing wrong with being certain that YOU are the best candidate when going on a job interview. As a matter of fact, going into an interview with confidence can pay off in a big way. A dynamic, confident candidate is always refreshing. Especially when your statements are strong, clear and true. Remember, authenticity captures the heart and mind of the interviewer.

Also, it’s fun to look forward to sharing why you are the best prospect without being arrogant. If you have a job or promotion interview in your future, here is a great exercise to help prepare you:

√ Write down 10 reasons why YOU are the best candidate for the job or position.

Top of mind, write them down. Ready? GO! If you get stuck before you breeze through all 10, don’t give up. Getting stuck is often just feedback to note to yourself. It’s possible you just may be out of touch with your greatness…

√ Read your list from the perspective of the potential employer. 

√ Read your list again. Are your reasons dynamic? Scintillating? Truthful?

Here’s a list of 10 reasons recorded by a person preparing for an interview at a new place of employment:

The Best Wins Vs The Rest One Winner Stands Alone1.  I know the business and will engage in continuous learning, trend research, and competitive data to help strategize for the future.

2.  I buy into and (will) walk the talk of the organization’s vision, mission and values.

3.  I will talk to, not about problem employees.

4.  I will not participate in leadership or manager “meetings-after-the-meetings” that are divisive; I will insist the leadership team or managers talk to each other.

5.  I will not rescue, fix and save under performers.  I will mentor, coach and manage the talent I take on in this role, and will never say, “I inherited this group of people.”

6.  I will own the goals and expectations of the role 100% and where I don’t feel I can- I will dialogue with the CEO and leadership team until we have clear agreements.

7.  I see myself as totally personally accountable for my success at work.

8.  I know how to instill an accountability mindset into every employee that works for and with me to create success for the organization as a whole.

9.  I am known for my ability to value differences and focus on results.

10. My skills for the role are a match and I intend to become exceptionally skilled as I learn and grow in the organization.

Wow!  Would you hire this person? I would.

Now, can you come up with 10 reasons why you are the best for what you are doing right now or what’s next for you? Whether you are looking for new employment or not it is a good idea to do this exercise.


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