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A Conversation with Linda Galindo

Get Ready to Laugh 1:54

Audiences are Hungry for Accountability 1:32

The Right Keynote for the Right Audience 0:52

Audiences Don’t Want to Miss a Minute 1:04

The Keynote That Delivers Results 0:55

Life Offers a Wealth of Examples 0:44

“That was one of the best things I’ve ever heard.” 1:24

Where Does it Hurt? 1:20

The Staying Power of a Good Keynote Address 2:02

Selecting the Right Keynote for your Event: Accolades and Lots of Them 1:06

Speakers Who Change Your Life 1:38

Spreading Accountability: The Mission to Make a More Accountable World 3:14

Keynote Speaking: The “Spark” 1:38

Radio: A National Conversation About Accountability 1:02

A Sneak Peak into Linda’s Brain 0:28

Keynote Speaking: Connecting with the Audience 0:44

On Taking Personal Accountability for the Quality of Your Life 2:35

Leadership Consulting: One-on-One Executive Coaching 0:56

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Teenagers and Accountability

Linda Galindo and Lea Guillory, an 18 year old certified accountability experience presenter, speak about teenagers and personal accountability.



Education and Accountability

Linda Galindo discusses the messed up education system and how it relates to accountability with Nancy Machalko, who has 27 years of experience in higher education.



Accountability and Patient Safety

Did you know medical errors kill over 100,000 patients per year? Linda Galindo talks with Richard Corder about accountability and patient safety.



The CEO and Accountability

Linda Galindo talks to CEO Andy Thweatt about how a shift towards accountability by the CEO has the biggest impact on workplace culture.