If you work in a culture where accountability is expected and appreciated, then the focus is sharply on enterprise building and quality activities. The personal accountability of an organization’s leader sets the foundation of the organization.

Accountability in a corporate culture begins with a leader who makes every expectation perfectly clear. Not surprisingly, accountable leaders typically are at the helm of accountable organizations.

Accountable organizations typically experience the four following benefits…

  • Retention rates go up:  An environment of accountability is creative and encourages problem-solving. Accountable organizations are usually lean and streamlined because people are focused on results and not on “busy” work. Less-accountable associates  don’t hang around for long they either join the team or abandon ship.
  • Communication runs rampant in the best possible ways. An accountable environment encourages creativity, collaboration, teamwork, and honesty. People are not afraid to speak their minds, share their ideas and admit their mistakes.
  • Production improves:  Highly accountable professionals in highly accountable workplaces spend their time focused on the expected results. They don’t spend their time blaming each other or defending themselves when others blame them… because in these organizations nobody is looking for fault, blame, or guilt when something goes wrong.
  • Compliance issues evaporate: The more accountable a company, its leader and employees, the less often they deal with compliance breaches.
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