It is one thing to have accountability education and quite another to follow-through with what was learned. Real leaders use the tools of accountability like Clear Agreements and Looking Back worksheets to continuously learn. But no matter how good a leader is, every one reports the same experience, it’s hard to follow through and be accountable.

The Misconception: That accountability is just hard work.


Go For It! You Only Live Once

When you strip everything away, your leadership opportunity is yours and with the dearth of real leadership all around us it’s imperative that you make the most of your influence if you choose to take a leadership role.

Being really good at accountability and never missing an opportunity to hold people accountable to what they are expected to do may not win you “most liked” but you’ll definitely be respected and effective. The concept of popularity is “high school” and yet everyday I work with CEO’s or VP’s who are still making decisions out of an intense, almost adolescent desire to be liked or approved of.

This is a problem, a big problem.

The Truth: Trying to please a wide range of people stretches you in multiple directions. Eventually it will tear your integrity apart. Don’t do it! Being a good ‘schmoozer’ is not being a good leader.

The success of your leadership role is dependent on the decisions that you make; your life will always reflect your choices and decisions. A decision to avoid conflict and people please, will result in a life and a business culture that is not authentically yours, you may be popular BUT you will also be insignificant. The organization will experience success in spite of, not because of you. What did your need to be liked accomplish exactly? How did you add value as you cared more about your image and not rocking the boat? If you stop making it about you and focus on the development of your people by holding them accountable the organization will transform.

At the same time YOU are being a difference as a leader, you will be making one too.

Your Leadership Role Demands You Be Responsible

The clock is ticking; it ticks for all of us. Don’t waste your years, trying to please those who most likely will never be pleased.

The need to be liked won’t change your business or our world; change occurs when leaders drop the need to be popular and quit blaming others when the results they are charged with getting are not realized. Step up! Declare and take full ownership of your role in the lack of results and change what you are doing. Commit to your vision.

It takes discipline and personal accountability to tear away the layers of self-deceit and bad habits to get what you are really after.

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