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Looking for a keynote speaker who cuts right to the core of your audience’s strengths and weaknesses, goals and needs?  Groups of all sizes warm right up to Linda’s message and delivery.   Linda’s instantaneous take on any situation is eye-opening, intelligent and engrossing — and her take-no-prisoners style is highly entertaining.   When audiences hear the truth, they know it. Plenty of “a-Ha!” and “Of course!” and “I knew that!” moments follow. They lap it up. They scribble notes. And they want more.


See Linda in action:   Astute, provocative, lively, addictive, direct and refreshing.



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Keynote testimonials

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  • “I am pleased to recommend Linda Galindo as a speaker on Accountability.  Linda recently provided a customized presentation to the world-wide leaders in our organization at a venue in Athens, Greece.  Her keynote was interactive, engaging, informative, and thought-provoking.  Although the process of instilling a culture of accountability is a long one, our leaders left Linda’s session feeling motivated to start the journey!”

    Amy Wesley
    SABIS® Executive Director, Communications and Marketing
  • “Linda was brought in to speak to our entire leadership team on Accountability. She is dynamic, engaging and has excellent rapport that spans the c-level suite to the shop floor. I would encourage anyone looking for an organizational change expert to consider Linda. The concept is simple but a trusted advisor is vital to putting the principles in practice.”  Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

    Reno Samuel
    Director of Global Customer Operations, SAP
  • “Linda is very straight forward. She cuts through excuses and gets down to the important issues very quickly. She is also entertaining and humorous in her presentations and in her approach. She made a significant difference in our organization.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert


    Rob Tonkinson
    Chief Financial Officer
  • “Hearing Linda Galindo speak about accountability can be a life changing experience IF you’re ready to take responsibility for changing your life. I have worked alongside Linda in her client organizations; I’ve seen her speak to large groups of CEOs and board chairs; and I’ve been trained by her to use accountability education/tools in my own practice. Linda’s message is always clear and challenging in a way that helps you see why personal responsibility and accountability are necessary for individuals and organizations to be successful, and how each of us, individually and collectively, can put accountability practices to work. Linda delivers her message with humor and a style that is both classy and approachable. I would highly recommend LInda as a keynote speaker, consultant, or workshop leader. Be prepared for change!”

    Sue Martin
    Owner, Co-CreativeWorks, LLC
  • “I am so happy to provide this recommendation for Linda Galindo. She was the keynote speaker at our Change Leader conference. As conference organizers, my colleagues and I give a great deal of thought to who we bring in to speak to our network. Linda has been someone who we have wanted to work with for a long time, and we are so happy that the stars aligned! Linda hit it out of the ballpark! Following the conference, I heard comments like, “This was one of the best conferences I have ever attended.” “Linda helped me to think about my road blocks a new way.” “I am so grateful you brought Linda here.” Frankly, I can’t share enough superlatives about the impact that Linda’s message had for our conference attendees. She is sophisticated, easy to relate to, funny, smart, spot-on, and much more.”

    Laura Alder
    Mountain West Arts Conference
  • “Linda is incredibly talented and funny! Her Accountability seminar changed my life. I tell my co-workers and direct reports about the “definition of success”, and honestly, you can’t escape accountability or the lack of it, it’s everywhere.”

    Lamont Frazier
    Account Director at mcgarrybowen
  • “Linda Galindo is engaging, funny and totally willing to punch you in the face if she needs to get your attention and open your mind. She is very bright and has an uncanny way of using that intellect for modeling her theories in a very common sense, down to earth way.”

    Farley Sowards
    Director of of Business Development
  • “Your seminar was the best one of the conference for me.  Thank you.”

    Keynote Attendee
  • “Your talk was truly the best — as validated by the crowds that filled your room! I’m still hearing the positive feedback buzz. Cannot wait to hear you speak again!”

    Keynote Attendee
  • “I attended your presentation at the General Assembly of YMCAs and you were my favorite presentation at the conference. I loved how you put the ownership on us to model accountability and provided actual tools that we could bring back into our daily roles to hold ourselves more accountable and to create a culture of accountability with our staff.”

    Keynote Attendee
  • “I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for spending some time with us at the conference. Your session was fantastic! Great presentation and great “take aways” to help us make immediate changes. “

    Vice President
    Youth Development Operations
  • “Thank you for your presentation it was entertaining, practical and inspirational. That’s a hard combo to pull off.”

    Keynote Attendee
  • “Thank you for an amazing session. I cannot wait to lead by example in my organization.”

    Keynote Attendee
  • “Great talk today @ the YMCA General Assembly – thanks for sharing your wisdom!”

    Keynote Attendee
  • “Your talk was amazing!!”

    Keynote Attendee
  • “Thank you so much! I was supposed to be in another session and overheard yours. I actually left the other session!!”

    Keynote Attendee

Choose among some example speeches and popular topics.

Everyone Owns the Result: How Leaders Can Instill Accountability from Top to Bottom

Every time someone in your organization engages in unaccountable behavior, there is a cost. You waste time. You waste money. You move further away from the results you need.  If everyone in your organization isn’t fully accountable, who’s accountable for that? When we make agreements with each other to be fully accountable, we are all leaders.

Using the key principles of accountability outlined in The 85% Solution, this presentation shows leaders (and everyone is a leader) how to teach and model personal accountability. You will learn to:

  • Understand what accountability is and the benefits it produces
  • Measure exactly how accountable your organization is
  • Identify unaccountable behaviors in your organization and learn how to STOP them
  • Outline what your accountable organization looks, sounds and feels like
  • Learn the key agreements that people within organizations must make with each other to instill complete accountability from top to bottom

Every Contact Counts: Accountability for Productive Relationships

Relationships can go haywire in the blink of an eye. Sometimes we can be completely unaware of why or how. In this keynote, Linda Galindo guides the way to build cohesive, rewarding high-quality relationships by understanding that accountability is the key to clarity, productivity and less stress. What you’ll learn:

  • The power of expectations in creating high-quality rewarding professional relationships
  • Improved communication at the executive level
  • A three-step approach to separate personal from professional expectations
  • Skills to hold others accountable
  • How to ensure every contact counts toward realizing the success of your organization

Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way: Accountability for Superior Results

When the goal is clear, leadership can be an exhilarating experience. When goals are ill defined, leadership can be frustrating and unsatisfying. In this presentation, Linda Galindo demonstrates powerful tools that enable you to transform plans into action. You will learn how to:

  • Adopt personal responsibility and accountability as the foundation for individual and team success
  • Create personal strategies for improving accountability and internalize the importance of making and keeping agreements
  • Understand organizational roles, and how role clarity powerfully influences others

As an added bonus, each participant learns two useful ways to manage those who seem to have been put on earth solely to thwart group efforts.

The Change Challenge

Technology. Globalism. Diversity. Complex issues and accelerated change require new ways of thinking and new ways of coping. Linda Galindo introduces and demonstrates four important points about change that executives must understand in this dynamic and hard-hitting presentation. Learn how to use change to your advantage, and to participate in it in a way that reduces stress while it makes you more influential. You will learn:

  • Why who you A.R.E. is central to adapting to change
  • How constraints and restrictions are a gift during times of change
  • The 4 vital points to capture to communicate and get buy-in to the changes you need

Where Winners Live: Improving Performance and Upping Your Game Through Personal Accountability

Where Winners Live provides insight and tools to create and sustain individual and collective motivation focused on achieving organization goals and living its vision. Participants experience an exploration of their definition of success and learn to contribute to a work environment where everyone knows they are a part of something great. Whether you are an individual contributor, member of a team, manager or leader, Where Winners Live provides access to transformational insight about personal accountability and the practices of those who love their job, grow and develop and consistently achieve their professional goals; living Where Winners Live.

Brace for Impact, Get Ready for Take Off!

Imagine you are Lieutenant Colonel Doolittle who in April, 1942 knew he had B-25s that HAD to take off from an aircraft carrier’s 467 foot runway. It took some doing but he got approval for his plan. Imagine trying to convince your boss that you can get a plane that weighs over 35,000 pounds to take off in 467 feet!

That’s the job of many professionals today. It is often no secret that there is too much tonnage to take off. But do they know what the 467 feet equates to in business speak? If leadership knows the professionals in their organization have key programs and initiatives to lift the organization to its potential, are they acting like it? If not great talent can be instrumental in getting everyone ready for take off with leadership support.

It’s doubtful Colonel Doolittle used words like “hope” and “I think maybe…”. He presented and represented the most compelling picture possible to convince and stand on his leadership to create a sense of security and trust as he asked for incredible personal sacrifice and great skill to get the job done.


  1. Learn how mindset means the difference between success and failure communicating and getting support from leadership.
  2. Understand how clarity allows any organization to brace for the impact of effective programs and initiatives.
  3. Apply 3 steps and 2 tools to current challenges that require increased ownership and accountability for success.

Customize the message for your specific keynote.

When you book Linda as the keynote speaker for your group or organization, you will be scheduled for an hour-plus conference call with Linda to familiarize her with your organization and current topics and needs of particular or timely interest.  Linda can customize her talk to the message your audience needs to hear.


Frequently asked questions.

Can we buy Linda's books for our attendees, and will she stay after the keynote to sign them?

Yes, our publisher offers bulk discounts for books and we’d be happy to direct you to the best discount for the size of your purchase and event date.  Contact us for book information at or 415-308-8724.

What is the best audience size for Linda's keynotes?

Linda has wowed to small groups in auditoriums, large groups in convention centers, and everything in between.  We’d be happy to speak with you about what will work for your event… ask us.  Contact us at 415-308-8724 and all your questions can be answered in one quick call.

How long does Linda speak? Can I book her for a half-day?

Keynotes can be from 60 – 90 minutes. Or, you can tell us if you have a 2 – 3 hour time slot or the need for a half-day session. Call us to discuss your specific event and timeframe 415-308-8724.

What industries does Linda specialize in?

Accountability is universal to all industries. Linda’s vast experience and ability to relate her topic to any industry comes with strong references. And we are careful to guide you if Linda would not be a fit. Our first concern is that you have a great event. We’ll discuss the specific issues and needs of your industry and group so that Linda includes specific examples and anecdotes directly relevant to your audience.  Call us to see if Linda is a good fit for your audience 415-308-8724.