Sales is one of the greatest professions there is in business. In financial services growing your client base depends on both the quantity and quality of prospecting: you plan your work and work your plan. And when you want to do everything but what you need to be doing remember this key: empowerment.

Every choice you make can be empowering. From stepping away for 10 minutes to shake off what you interpreted as rejection to deciding to dial just one more prospect before taking a break. It’s just you and 100% personal accountability.


Highly Accountable People Empower Themselves To Do Whatever It Takes

Highly accountable salespeople empower themselves to find solutions to their own problems. And to get the results they strive for, they are not afraid to step out of their comfort zones, try new ideas, change their habits and stick to their commitment to grow their business. The best part of self-empowerment is that when you succeed,  you know you did it on your own. And when you fall flat, you are equally aware that your choices led you to an unwelcome result — Acknowledge it, figure out what went wrong and empower yourself to try something else.


Stay Conscious And Keep Choosing!

Start every day with a mindset that you will own every decision – whether it’s to focus on your sales call list for 10 minutes longer or wander on to your social media site. Ownership in the long run, will help you feel good about your choices.  Because of this, you will make more of the right choices that make you successful. Making conscious choices that are right for you help the people around you respect those very same choices. In doing so, you are also demonstrating that you respect yourself.


The Straight Truth

People want to do business with winners. And real empowerment in sales comes from making good choices.  Each day is a choice to stick with your sales plan knowing you are making a difference for yourself and to those around you.

Whatever you choose, be accountable for your decisions. Be accountable for what you choose to do for work every minute of every day. It’s what winners do and it’s where they live in their mindset. Move in!

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