“Accountability for Results”: A Structured Training for CEOs, Senior Leaders and Their Direct Reports


Strengthen your leadership’s ability to deliver with simple tools. Powerful results. A transformative experience.

What we know: Individuals and organizations with an overall Accountability Assessment Score of 85% or higher are in the high-performance mind-set or “zone.” This is where you want to be …    And helping you get there is what Linda Galindo is all about.

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Commitment to accountability improves outcomes. We guarantee it.

Would your organization’s leadership benefit if you had:

  • You had a crystal-clear and measurable understanding of the level of accountability in your organization?
  • Your new understanding provided specific direction on how to strengthen your team’s ability to implement and execute your strategy?
  • You had a simple road map to create the changes necessary to make your organization fully accountable and focused on results?

Linda Galindo has been speaking about, educating and coaching CEOs and leadership teams about accountability for 20 years.  Why the C-suite?  Because these are the teams of people who have the ability to transform organizations and processes from the top down.  To make big powerful changes to impact whole companies, communities and industries.   She has the experience, savvy, style and street-smarts to cut across all departments and staffing situations to deliver The Straight Truth® to leaders who want to hear it and fix it.



What is “Accountability for Results”?

Accountability for Results is a structured consulting engagement that provides CEOs, senior leaders and their direct reports with powerful tools that change the way they work together to achieve the results they need.

This step-by-step program instills a mindset of accountability, creating the foundation for significant improvement in the outcomes of your work and financial performance.

During this engagement we work together to execute your strategy while developing a high-performing leadership team. You simultaneously learn and use the principles and tools of accountability to achieve results and create a lasting shift in your culture.



What is the duration of the engagement and what does it include?

“Accountability for Results” is facilitated over a six-month to one-year time-frame with the following structure:

  • On site meetings: Work with leadership on-site six times throughout the year for two days per visit; group work and individual coaching
  • Executive Coaching: Each member of the executive team is coached monthly to continue to reinforce the principles of accountability and ensure results are achieved



What changes can we expect in the leadership team’s actions and thinking as a result of this program?

  • Accountability becomes leadership’s central organizing principle. Everyone operates from the same foundation: I am 100% accountable for our success. You are 100% accountable for our success.
  • Focus shifts from activity to results.
  • Leadership learns to make clear agreements. Everyone keeps them or renegotiates appropriately.
  • Executives shift from managing to being strategic. Productivity increases and the need to spend time holding others accountable (read: babysitting) is dramatically reduced.
  • Eliminate unaccountable behaviors that are counterproductive to results.
  • You get a road map for getting it done: Relevant tools, structure and guidance to make necessary changes.



“Accountability for Results” has four key steps to achieving your objectives:

  1. Understand the Principles of Accountability: Get Your Leadership on the Same Page!
  2. The Accountability Assessment : Allows Customization to Where You Are – Not “Off the Shelf”
  3. Affirm Your Strategy: Set the Bar Higher, Lower or is it Just Right?
  4. Execute Your Strategy, While Creating and Sustaining a High-Performance Leadership Team
    • Focus on accountability for results, not activity
    • Achieve strategy execution
    • High-performance relationship, communication, decision-making and problem-solving
    • Alignment, communication, trust
    • Holding each other accountable



The Accountability Assessment: Improving performance begins with learning the truth.

The first step to success is clarity.  Galindo Consulting uses results from The Accountability Assessment to create plans and guidelines for “Accountability for Results” Consulting Engagements, and to determine an organization’s suitability for the program.

The Accountability Assessment is a validated diagnostic tool that has enabled the leadership of organizations to have a precise, data-driven understanding of the level of personal responsibility and personal accountability of themselves and their people. It provides leaders responsible for the performance of their organization with a remarkably accurate ability to predict whether their strategic plan will succeed or stall.

The results of the Assessment provide a readiness map for change. The information from this assessment lays a solid foundation for success with accountability as the fundamental organizing principle in the organization. The Accountability Assessment measures four categories:

          • Personal Responsibility
          • Personal Accountability
          • Team Empowerment
          • Perception of the Organizational Culture

 Contact us to take The Accountability Assessment today.




See Linda’s LinkedIn Profile for scores more recommendations tied to the reviewer’s professional profile.

  • “We were introduced by someone we respected in our industry who recommended Linda very highly. We engaged her to work with our senior executive team with the option for on-demand coaching as needed by each individual. The result was immediate and significant positive impact on our interpersonal relationships and communication.”

    Lynn D. Malmstrom
    President and CEO at CALSTAR
  • “I have known and worked with Linda Galindo for many years. I am always amazed by her ability to quickly size up a situation and determine strategies to yield immediate results. She works very well with leaders at all levels and she is deeply committed to the success of all who cross her path. Do yourself a favor and get to know her!”

    Peggy Stone
    Vice President of Human Resources, Academy Mortgage
  • “I had the great pleasure of working with Linda while at Guidant/Abbott Corporation. We were searching for a new service partner to help us with the design and implementation of an approach to helping our organization become more accountable. We found Linda and were very happy we did! Linda was focused on designing a solution that met our needs instead of simply proposing a canned response. She was professional and fun to work with, impressing our highest executives and line workers alike. I highly recommend Linda as a business partner for excellent results!” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

    Patty McKay
    Senior Director, Learning & Talent Development, AMN Healthcare
  • “Linda coached me in fundamentally changing the culture of our organization is an incredibly short period of time. Her ‘accountability’ philosophy is the key to employee satisfaction and high performance. I can’t imagine life without her!”  Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

    Jill Miller
    Former Managing Director, Sundance Institute
  • “I recommend Linda highly for her professionalism and high-quality services. A long time advocate for Responsibility and Accountability, she “walks the talk” and is dedicated to helping others take back control of their lives. She’s made a positive difference in my life. I’m eternally grateful.” Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

    Irene P. Zucker
    President, VerbaCom® Executive Development
  • “Linda Galindo cuts to the heart of the matter in Executive-level coaching in a way that is refreshingly direct but always appropriate. I have utilized her services and appreciate her regard for confidentiality, professionalism and general knowledge of ways to assist clients to clarity and next steps to resolve issues. Her efforts often result in lasting change. She is a skilled executive coach and retreat facilitator. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to instill accountability in their work culture.” Top qualities:Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

    Kim Wirthlin
    President and CEO, Wirthlin Strategies
  • “I had the pleasure to work with Linda for the first time in 1998 as part of a group accountability experience. Linda provided a probing and engaging program that illicited strong emotions (or reactions) from the participants. She was able to quckly assess the group’s dynamics while identifying the individual’s role/behaviors within the group. Her feedback was straight to the point. I greatly appreciate Linda’s ability to challenge your self-perceptions honestly and openly.”  Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

    Phil Johnson
    Director of Human Resources, L3 Communications Systems West
  • “In 2005, I became co-president of SKS Petroleum. For years prior, we were unable to make money, even in the best of times – despite over $100 million dollars in sales! It became clear that something in our culture had to change.

    We chose to adopt accountability. After an intense immersion, our management team started using agendas for meetings. Then we started arriving at clear agreements. After the first year, the “meetings after the meetings” were almost unheard of. People talked to each other and not about each other. Staff that were “accountability-resistant” slunk away or were helped off the premises.

    Expenses dropped by over one million dollars per year by year two. Year three was an all-time record profit year in SKS’ 46 year history. When the economy fell apart in 2008 and competitors racked up six figure losses, SKS continued to be profitable. It was profitable again in 2010. And it’s so much more fun than it used to be.”

    Andy Thweatt
    President, SKS Petroleum
  • “Linda’s work is not complex. You don’t have to go away and read books to figure out how to do it. You are going to take responsible risks that you are going to be accountable for at the end of the day. And you will have a set of behaviors that will help you get there.”


    Meg Jones
    Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, The Children's Hospital of Philadephia
  • “Something as basic as clear agreements—in health care—that is so revolutionary. For me to articulate a clear expectation of the results. Defining the outcomes, expectations and “by-when’s” has a tremendous impact.”

    Andrew Manzer
    CEO, Schuyler Hospital
  • “Linda Galindo’s approach is refreshingly direct. Her work helped us to quickly pinpoint the areas we needed to improve. We’ve made the changes. The results are happening.”


    Annie Holt
    (Retired) CEO, Alaska Regional Hospital
  • “If you lead an organization and need to maximize your resources, instilling accountability is the way to get there.”


    Tom Bakaly
    City Manager, Hermosa Beach

    Formerly City Manager, Park City Municipal

  • “The Accountability Queen! What can I say about Linda? Hmm… Well, if there was anyone who you’d want to help you clarify and reenergize your sense of commitment and drive for accomplishing whatever you want, Linda Galindo is that person. I worked with Linda when our young start up was sputtering along. After working with Linda and her accountability tools, we were primed and ready to move like a rocket. Even in 2009, an extremely tough year, her concepts and tenacity inspired us to ‘STAY ACCOUNTABLE’ to our goals, plans, etc. during the darkest days. I highly recommend Linda and I also highly recommend that you be ready to examine every nook, cranny and block that is keeping you from progressing forward because trust me, Linda will shine the light in every area.”

    Christa Chambers-Price
    Co-Founder, Entre-SLAM
  • “Linda Galindo is a no-nonsense expert in the area of personal accountability who will quickly cut to the heart of any problem. She will not let you or an organization continue to play the ‘blame-game’. She will expose those who are not accountable, approach them head-on and help them to a path to a more fulfilling professional career and personal life. Linda practices what she preaches, as evidenced by her personal and professional success. Don’t expect a ‘hug fest’ with Linda. Her efforts have been instrumental in transforming the culture of our organization and our financial success.”  Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

    Mark Stadler
    Executive Vice President, HealthSmart
  • “I have known Linda Galindo since 1999 and have retained her to coach and consult with my company many times. Linda’s approach to teaching accountability and responsibility at every level of an organization produces amazing results. Decades of experience in her field combined with amazing intuition and her ability to communicate clearly is what sets Linda apart from anyone in the industry. Needless to say, I highly recommend Linda for your business.”  Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

    Leslie DeWald
    President, Sterling Ascend Insurance Resources