Are you afraid of holding your employees accountable because you don’t want to be thought of as mean ornot compassionate? Many workplace leaders fear that enforcing high standards will lead to conflict.

The Misconception: Holding people accountable is graceless, mean and simply not compassionate.

Hand of drowning man

Acknowledging This Truth Will Save Your Business:

Do you rescue, fix and save the under performer? Do you justify it by acknowledging that they are having personal problems, or perhaps even though they are failing they are still “trying hard?”

The Truth: When you reward these poor performers through your constant inaction, you ensure the eventual failure of your business.

Perhaps the kindness, most compassionate thing you can do is expect and demand the best from every person in your organization?

The transformation of your organizations culture must start at the top. If your job is to manage people then you must manage them well. The only way to do this is to expect every person who works for you to do their job in its entirety. Every person in your organization must be responsible for the organization’s success. It’s time to stop enabling poor performers.


The Important Next Step:

Before you adjourn your executive leadership meeting make sure you talk about the crucial role that personal accountability plays within your organization. Agree that personal accountability must begin at the executive level.

Commit to the following as a group…

1. That coming to an executive meeting unprepared will not be tolerated.

2. Every person in your organization will have their performance evaluated regularly, because the poor performance of one person affects the whole organization.

3. When things go wrong (and they will), commit to working together as a leadership team to find solutions together.

4. Commit to not making excuses or playing the blame game.

“A lot of employees have outgrown ‘just being held’ and they know it is time to grow up. It’s your job to provide a culture in which they are encouraged and expected to grow.”


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