Is Your Organization Results-Driven or Activity-Driven, and Other Money-Saving Questions.

Accountability is serious business.   Nothing wastes more time and money than lack of accountability. Nothing causes top-performing employees to leave more often than lack of accountability from their managers. Lack of accountability is often behind everything from business scandals, negative news headlines, court cases and even bad social media reviews.

There are so many ways that individuals and organizations can display lack of accountability, and Linda Galindo’s Accountability Keynotes delve into them all:

  • Aversion to conflict.
  • Habit of “rescue, fix and save” underperformers instead of holding them accountable.
  • More important to be liked than to be effective.
  • Claim that human resources won’t let them hold people accountable.
  • Don’t like to be clear about what is expected so they can keep their options open.
  • Prefer to hope things work out versus getting an up-front commitment to success.

The Most Fun You’ve Ever Had Getting Punched in the Face by the Truth

As The Voice of Accountability™, Linda Galindo knows how to deliver a stirring, motivating, meaningful message about each person’s role in the success of their own career and the larger organizations they work in. It begins with engaging, entertaining, feel-good story-telling. Soon the narrative and messages circle back around to deliver a powerful, honest bite to those who enter the room believing that it’s everyone else who is not accountable. Linda’s gift is helping audiences discover for themselves their own unaccountable acts and habits, and then offering real tools they can use for immediate positive self-change. Sometimes The Straight Truth® hurts, but it hurts so good.

What You’ll Discover

  • How to adopt personal responsibility and accountability as the foundation for team success.
  • Tools to help you lead, follow and support your team.
  • Personal strategies for improving accountability and recognizing the importance of making and keeping promises.
  • Understanding of team roles and how clarity can have a positive influence on success.

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