June 15-23, 2017
Northwest Farm Credit Services
Spokane, Washington
“High Performance Leadership / Coaching Others”

June 14, 2017
Institute for Management Studies
St Louis, Missouri
“How Personal Accountability Promotes Success. No Nonsense. No Excuses.”

April 26, 2017
University of Dayton Center for Leadership
Dayton, Ohio
“Leadership Accountability: Creating and Sustaining a High-Performance Organization”

April 25, 2017
University of Dayton Center for Leadership
Dayton, Ohio
“Insights for Success: Practical Wisdom For Today’s Women in Leadership”

April 20, 2017
Iowa Medical Group Management Association Spring Conference Keynote
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
“Way to Grow! Cultivating Accountability”

April 13, 14 & 17, 2017
Genentech Interactive Marketing Division
South San Francisco, California
“The Accountability Experience & Executive Coaching”

April 4, 2017
HCA – Medical City Healthcare, 2017 Leadership Development Institute
Irving, Texas
“Accountability to Drive Results”

March 27-30, 2017
LifeMed Alaska
Anchorage, Alaska and Fairbanks, Alaska
“The Accountability Experience, Leadership Team Education and Coaching”

March 23, 2017
Dealer Socket Leadership Summit
Park City, Utah

March 7–8, 2017
Carle Health Alliance
Champaign, Illinois
“Leadership and Accountability”

March 1-3, 2017
Northwest Farm Credit Services, Leader Learning Institute
Spokane, Washington
“Accountability for Superior Results “

October 21, 2016
International Aviation Womens Association
Montreal, Canada
“The Power of Accountability”

October 17, 2016
Great River Health System
West Burlington, Iowa
“Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way!”

July 16, 2016
2016 General Assembly of YMCAs
Kansas City, Kansas
“Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way!”

June 28, 2016
Orbital ATK
Invited Guest, Rocket Test Fire

June 23, 2016
Nordson Management Conference

May 20, 2016
Emergency Restoration Services Annual Convention
Dearborn, Michigan
“Accountability for Superior Results”

May 17, 2016
Institute for Management Studies at The Country Club of Roswell
Atlanta, Georgia
No Nonsense, No Excuses, How Accountability Promotes Success

May 5, 2016
Orbital ATK Flight Systems Professional Women’s Group Bacchus Plant
Magna, Utah
Keynote: “Insights for Success”

April 5, 2016
University of Utah School of Business
Salt Lake City, Utah
The Team Challenge. Are YOU the Problem?

March 30, 2016
Salt Lake City Council Staff
“The Accountability Experience”

February 28, 2016
ReachAir Medical Leadership Development
“Instilling Accountability Top to Bottom”

January 15, 2016
CALSTAR Leadership Retreat
“Everyone Owns The Results; Instilling Accountability from Top To Bottom”

January 14, 2016
CALSTAR Leadership Retreat
“Accountability for Superior Results”

December 11, 2015
United Regional Health Care System
Witchita, Texas
“Everyone Owns The Results; Instilling Accountability from Top To Bottom”

December 10, 2015
Lombard, Illinois
“Instilling Accountability Top To Bottom”

November 12, 2015
Institute for Management Studies
Seattle, Washington
“No Nonsense, No Excuses: How Personal Accountability Promotes Success”

November 5, 2015
Tampa General Hospital Leadership Retreat
Tampa, Florida
“Lead, Follow or Get Out of The Way!”

October 29, 2015
IMACC “One Team, One Goal” Conference
Detroit, Michigan

October 20, 2015
Progressive Business Executive Education Webinar
“Why Your Employees Avoid Accountability – and How to End This”

October 7, 2015
Great American Safety Drive
Sacramento, California
“Co-Worker Accountability: You Lie, You Die”

October 6, 2015
Healthtech Leadership Summit
San Antonio, Texas
“Accountability in Healthcare: How a Powerful Concept Hides in Plain Sight”

September 25, 2015
DMA West
Ogden, Utah
“Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way: Accountability for Superior Results”

September 22, 2015
Utah Crossroads Conference
Layton, Utah
“Brace for Impact, Prepare to Take Off!”

September 17, 2015
Portland, Oregon
“Being a High Performer During Transition”

July 8-14, 2015
Orbital ATK
Ogden, Utah
“Leadership Accountability: Creating and Sustaining A High-Performing Organization”

April 20-21, 2015
HealthTech Management Services, 2015 Trustee & Physician Conference
Tuscon, Arizona
“Accountability in Healthcare: How a Powerful Concept Hides in Plain Sight”

March 26, 2015
The United Way of Northern Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah

March 25, 2015
NAWBO 35 Year Trailblazers Conference
Salt Lake City, Utah

January 23, 2015
Toronto, Canada
“Tell the Truth, Hear the Truth and Focus on What Matters: The Straight Truth of Accountability”

November 13, 2014
Executive Development Program, University of Daytona
Daytona, Ohio

October 20, 2014
Million Air
Orlando, Florida

September 30, 2014
Utah Department of Workforce Services
Heber, Utah

September 26, 2014
Utah Hospital Association Fall Leadership Conference
Park City, Utah

September 19, 2014
MediaOne of Utah
Park City, Utah

August 25, 2014
Blue Coat Systems, Inc.
Sunnyvale, California

August 19, 2014
Federal Home Loan Bank Seattle CEO Roundtable
Seattle, Washington

August 13, 2014
Institute for Management Studies
Los Angeles, California

August 12, 2014
City of Hermosa Beach
Hermosa Beach, California

August 1, 2014
Adventist Health System
Orlando, Florida

July 29, 2014
The Governance Institute
Portland, OR

July 14-17, 2014
YMCA of Northern Utah
Park City, Utah