The Role Of The Boss In Conflict Management: Turning Conflict Into Cooperation – Part Three of Three

Have you shaken your head in frustration at how employees interact? Have you commented to your peers that you feel like you are babysitting or that “this generation” just doesn’t get it? Do you feel that employees get stuck in petty grievances and trivial complaints?

What are you going to do about it? You are the boss.


Right Or Effective?: Turning Conflict Into Cooperation – Part Two of Three

When Melissa asked Tom for his data, again, Tom responded flippantly that he would get it to her when he was done with the analysis. Melissa resented Tom. When she tried to pin him down to a due date, he would make it seem like she was being controlling and stupid.

In frustration, Melissa sent an email to Tom’s manager, copying Tom, outlining her concerns about the amount of time Tom was putting into the analysis and how it was holding up the overall project.


Secretary sharing some secrets to her boss

Three Accountability Steps: Turning Conflict Into Cooperation – Part One of Three

We spend half of our lives in the work environment. Conflict can turn a good job into a source of stress. For many people the conflict stays in their head well beyond the actual interaction. They think about, mull over and revisit who said what and why. And the misery must be shared. Unwitting colleagues and family are pulled into the conflict, often not knowing the other player(s). Everyone within earshot of the “victim” catches the conflict. So let’s stop the madness in three, not very easy, steps that will lead you to better relationships and less drama.


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Holding Yourself Accountable: Peer-to-Peer Accountability – Part Two of Two

Your co-worker was obviously furious. As you sat in a meeting she avoided direct eye contact and when you said hello, she gave you a look that made it clear something had gone wrong.


After the meeting, as everyone filed out into the hallway she approached you..

Her: “I cannot believe you completely screwed me over like that!”

You: “Excuse me?”


Gestresster Geschäftsmann überarbeitet am Schreibtisch

Holding Someone Accountable: Peer-to-Peer Accountability – Part One of Two

You are completely fuming.

A peer in your management group failed to provide you with a promised response to a query made a week ago. Now, you have no way to complete your report, forfeiting desperately needed resources for your department. When you called to see if you could rescue the proposal at the last minute, you learn that the manager is on vacation and taking no calls.