Will You Please Train Me?

The ownership approach to the blame game is a great way to stop it. Jump in and own something! Do you really care who is to blame? If you don’t jam a lever in the flywheel that is spinning off all the dumb, time wasting finger pointing and say “I’ll own moving this forward by taking something on,” you are part of the problem.


Your Powerful Personal Accountability

We can all agree that being personally accountable is a vital part of contributing to a successful organization or venture. Interested in being more accountable starting TODAY? Practice these 6 simple changes in this 5-minute video and experience increased productivity through personal accountability.


Developing Your Definition of Success

When we conduct our Mindset of Accountability Assessment, there is an important and vital mindset measure that answered truthfully delivers unspeakable power to you and your life.

Item #5 I am totally responsible for my success at work [life].

Think about it. Are you totally responsible for success in your life or do you just think you are?


Better to be Liked or Effective?

As we go through life, we find that it’s generally a positive thing to be called “nice” or “well-liked.” However a “nice or well-liked” boss may not always be a good thing. Sometimes it’s easier to “rescue, fix and save” the work of a low performing employee. Want to reverse this practice?


It’s The Culture Stupid. – Get Out of Your Office!

The beliefs, attitudes, practices and protocols of the top of the organization are the culture. Get out of your office and stop expecting anything except personal contact with you to make a significant difference. YOU are the culture. If you hide in your office all day or participate in walking around or lunch and learns because that’s what the boss wants, you best move on.